Detox: Relax, Repair & Rejuvenate April 2017

Spiritual Tours is delighted to present this truly holistic package –

Complete Physical, Mental and Emotional Detox
22nd – 29th April 2017

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7 relaxing nights and 8 awareness filled days, deep in nature

Relax, let go and rejuvenate body mind and soul in your very own Garden of Eden as you are gently guided through this multi layered detox which will leave you ready for a joyous and intention-filled life.

Let go of the excesses of the winter (or indeed of a lifetime) as you relax in our experienced hands. Protected by mountains and sea it will be easy to leave behind the stresses of everyday life and allow us to gently guide throughout this complete physical, mental and emotional detox to a lighter and healthier you.

While Vicki facilitates the psychological letting go – thoughts, emotions, behaviours and the past, Seda guides you through the physiological letting go with internal cleansing, breath work, detox yoga and special detox supplements and food.

Together these women, both at the peak of their respective fields will prepares you for a committed and motivated future in alignment with who you truly are and the life you intend to lead.